Team Gallery at Art I 40 I Basel

Ryan McGinley, Jack Reflection, 2009 c-print 72 x 48 inches

Ryan McGinley, Jakes back (blue cave), 2009, c-print, 6.5 x 10 inches

Art Galleries, Booth B3 Hall 2.1
June 10 - June 14


We Like Alnis Stakle!


The main object of the works from Nothing Personal is my body and its shadow. These works are documentation of peculiar performances. Why “Nothing Personal”, if visual content of photographs indicates subjective approach? Title of the collection emphasizes subjective interpretation of concepts, meanings, and visual images in the mind of a viewer. Observing one and the same images viewers interpret them building on their unique experience. On the one hand, works are subjective in their visual message. On the other hand, this subjectivity has meaning assigned by a viewer. Actually, these works represent universal symbol, code, and message in western visual art that are revealed in interpretation of representation of body and artist’s behavior. I highlight their two main meanings: the first, subjective satisfaction from photographing and photographs, and the second, ironical conceptual and contextual link between image and its interpretation in consciousness of a viewer.


The work series ‘Broken Line’ is a visual investigation that is both autobiographical and documentary about the lost identity and the hopeless life of the last Soviet generation in Latvia.


Short Is The New Black!