We Like USE Xmas Temporary Showroom

1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 41.

Opening Hours: 

December 8-10
10:00 - 20:00


We Like Je Suis Belle's guerilla store!

Budapest, Ferenciek tere 11. Párisi udvar
Opening hours:

 December 6.,8.,9.,15.,16.,17.,20.,21.,22.,23.


Editor-in-Chief featured in Electronic Beats Budapest City Guide

"Ali Tóth has - save a brief stint in Paris - always called 
Budapest his home and has pretty much been immersed
in the world of fashion for about as long. Together with
friend and stylist Anikó Virág, among others, Ali is founder
of Hungary's first alternative and international fashion arts 
magazine, The Room. Locally, Ali and his creative contemporaries 
are leading the charge of fresh and independent fashion industry,
while squarely placing Budapest and the Hungarian creative
community in the international spotlight."


BAKOS Rita Ackermann

The Ludwig Museum presents Rita Ackermann’s solo show as part of its series featuring Hungarian artists and artists of Hungarian origin whose works are less known in their native country. Rita Ackermann's exhibition in Budapest is centred around her work of the last three years, including paintings, drawings, prints and videos, as well as all of the material she produced most recently during the Marfa/Chinati artist-in-residence program, which marks a milestone in the artist's career.
The exhibition is being accompanied by a series of film screenings, seeking to afford an insight into the spirit of an era that had a crucial influence on the New York-based artist’s career in the late 1980s and 90s, and that has continued to colour the development of her work today.

Ludwig Museum
November 18, 2011. - February 12, 2012.

 Rita Ackermann photographed by Marton Perlaki for The Room magazine #14.


Face Control - werk video!

Face Control - The Room #14

Videographer: Miklos Suranyi
Photography: Marton Perlaki
Fashion Editor: Ali Toth & Aniko Virag
Make up: Sasa Jokovic for Chanel
Hair: Tamas Tuzes at Hairclub using Bumble and bumble
Model: Alina Baikova at Next Paris
Stylist Assistants: Panka Bojtor
Video & editing: Janos Radics
Music: Bonobo - Black Sands
Location: Flashback Photo Studio


Because of an editing error, the hair stylist of the following editorial was misidentified. It was in fact Tamas Tüzes at Hairclub using Bumble and bumble. We apologize for the mistake.

Parallel Universe - werk video!

Parallel Universe - The Room #14

Videographer: Adam Kokesch
Photography: Miklos Suranyi
Fashion Editor: Ali Toth & Aniko Virag
Make up: Bernadett Titkos
Hair: Attila Kenyeres at Hairclub using Bumble and bumble
Model: Balazs Czukor
Photo Assistants: Levente Kadar, Balazs Mate
Stylist Assistants: Panka Bojtor, Adrian Fekete
Video: Rita Madalina
Music: Lali Puna - Common Ground
Location: Flashback Photo Studio

Tilda Swinton gracing the cover of The Room 14

Photography: Peter Hapak
Fashion Editor: Ali Toth & Aniko Virag
Make up: Yasuo Yoshikawa at L'Atelier NYC using MAC
Hair: Adam Szabo at Trevor Sorbie



Miss Bala

Congratulations to Mátyás Erdély for the beautiful cinematography of Miss Bala!
Mátyás Erdély photographed by Marton Perlaki
Stills from the movie