György Mór Kárpáti’s 12 minutes short film FOREST will represent Hungary at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival’s short film competition.

György Mór Kárpáti’s FOREST was invited in the selection lining up 25 short films. 21 countries will be competing this year for the Golden Bear, which goes to the Best Short Film of the 61st Berlinale.
The 12 minutes, black and white short FOREST was coproduced by the Budapest University of Theatre and Film, KMH Film, KraatsFilm and Inforg Studio, and was supported by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary.
György Mór Kárpáti (1984) is a graduate student of the University of Theatre and Film, in Ildikó Enyedi’s class, where FOREST was his 4th year diploma film. “A murder is committed in the forest. A young man becomes caught up in the events, and this experience has an increasingly unsettling effect on him.”

Forest (Erdő)<- click for the teaser

(2011, short, digital, black/white, 12 min., Stereo)

Director: György Mór Kárpáti
Screenplay: György Mór Kárpáti
Director of photography: Dávid Hartung
Editor: Péter Gábor Duszka
Co-producer: Inforg Stúdió
Production company: University of Drama and Film, Budapest, KMH Film, KraatsFilm
Cast: Géza Egger, Mária Kőszegi, Attila Fritz, Attila László, Zsófia Muhi


We Like Tracey Nicholson!

Photo: Peter Hapak
Stylist: Tracey Nicholson

STREETERS has recently taken on the fabulous stylist TRACEY NICHOLSON.
Tracey regularly contributes to publications such as Dazed & Confused, Dazed & Confused Japan, Another Magazine, i-D, Electric Youth, The Room and British and American Vogue.


Our Covergirl, Valerija Kelava is One of The 100 Baddest Bitches in The Buisness

In the grand tradition of year end lists, we here at COACD present our model worship keepsake: The Perrett 100 of 2010 — our ultimate field guide and ode to the decade in model. This limited edition poster of 500 features the 100 baddest bitches in the business with artwork by Andrea Mary Marshall.

The Perrett 100 is 26.75” x 37”. Matte paper, offset printing. Suitable of framing and worshipping.


ED TEMPLETON: The Cemetery of Reason

Professional skateboarder, graphic and video artist, painter, photographer and sculptor, Ed Templeton (1972) is no ordinary figure of contemporary art, who earned fame in America and Europe with a unique creative method and exhibition technique. Raised in a suburb of San Francisco, the artist is hard to categorize. Templeton’s exhibitions are vast installations, always site-specific, that comprise photos, drawings, paintings and sculptures – very sensitive responses to the world around him –, and that also include his personal commentaries. The artworks are of equal value as they enter into an interaction to form a whole, and the accompanying texts – anecdotes, musings, ideas – open further levels of meaning.

With The Cemetery of Reason, the artist talks about his own life, his family and friends, the people he meets in the city and whilst travelling as a professional skateboarder. If the inspiration is autobiographical, the work nonetheless goes beyond the personal, and as a lucid representation of the younger generation’s worldview and attitude, it concerns important social and political phenomena

Ernst Múzeum
1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 8.

22 January 2011 - 20 March 2011