some favorite moments of 2009 by MIKLÓS SURÁNYI

My parents have decided to move to their house on the countryside, since
they got pensioned. In this picture a stage of the moving is to see. These
two lampshades have stand for a few days just like that.

Prague. "Winter ice cream" on the top of a TV set. This dessert is a
waffle filled with very sweet chocolate and it is very typical for Central
Europe. Every country has a version of it.

These are the tatranky flowers of the Tatra Mountain in the window of a
rooftop flat, where I have stayed for 3 months. When I looked out I saw the
Mountain's peek.

A few of my friends have been nominated for the Aviva Arts Award, I took
several photos of the installation.

Thrown out heart-shaped plant with a bag, with the word "everyday"
written on it.

This toy helicopter was taken out of the bag of Judit Fischer on a

A more than half an hour long-exposure during the renovation of our new

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