some favorite moments of 2009 by LÁSZLÓ FOGARASI

MJ's Resurrection

Old lady at the Diner



Everything is Still on the Eastern Front


some favorite moments of 2009 by RITA ACKERMANN

Randomness in the Form of Art by Marika Thunder Nuss and Coco Gat

Rings of Love by Agathe Snow, Ticktacktoe by Rita Ackermann, and Harmony Korine at OHWOW/ Miami Basel

"Exquisite Corpse" for Dash Snow by Rita Ackermann and Ry Fyan

"This is It" poster in pieces at the bathroom

"Parking accident" my favorite drawing of 2009


some favorite moments of 2009 by MIKLÓS SURÁNYI

My parents have decided to move to their house on the countryside, since
they got pensioned. In this picture a stage of the moving is to see. These
two lampshades have stand for a few days just like that.

Prague. "Winter ice cream" on the top of a TV set. This dessert is a
waffle filled with very sweet chocolate and it is very typical for Central
Europe. Every country has a version of it.

These are the tatranky flowers of the Tatra Mountain in the window of a
rooftop flat, where I have stayed for 3 months. When I looked out I saw the
Mountain's peek.

A few of my friends have been nominated for the Aviva Arts Award, I took
several photos of the installation.

Thrown out heart-shaped plant with a bag, with the word "everyday"
written on it.

This toy helicopter was taken out of the bag of Judit Fischer on a

A more than half an hour long-exposure during the renovation of our new


some favorite moments of 2009 by PETER HAPAK

Light test shots usually end up in the trash.
After reading them they are useless and unimportant.
We rather take attention to what happens after them.
They are the first pieces of the puzzle.
pu z z l e

light tests 1

light tests 2

light tests 3

light tests4

light tests 5

light tests 6

some favorite moments of 2009 by MIKLÓS GÁBOR SZŐKE

Beginning of the year

The birth of the big whale

Dante's death

Horses in the castle park

The Danteism


still life

Marci's boots at Asboth 20.



The 50 Years of the Balázs Béla Studio / Exhibition and film screenings at Kunsthalle Budapest
16 December, 2009 – 21 February, 2010