On July 12 21:00 BUMBUM will open the individual exhibition of Gábor Miklós Szőke in the Trinitarian Church of Eger by having a great party.This giga-installation titled “Dante Ritual”, visiting England and Germany in the near future according to plans, will enrich visitors offering a special adventure.


11th-13th of June

We asked some friends and long time contributors to share their weekend experiences with us.

Hapák Péter, Manhattan "rainbow city", NYC

Perlaki Márton, on the way to Oradea and Baia Mare with Max Farago, Romania

Szabó Ádám, London, United Kingdom

Virág Anikó, Komárom, Hungary

Max Farago, Hotel Carpati - Baia Mare, Romania

David Benjamin Sherry, Omar Soulyman at the music hall of Williamsburg, NYC

Tóth Ali, on the way to Szentbékkálla, Hungary

Rita Ackermann, Brooklyn studio, NYC

Surányi Miklós, Budapest, Hungary

Perlaki András,Veszprém, Hungary