We Like Farkas Fülöp!

'The Endless Bridge' - 'Mobile in Motion' from Farkas on Vimeo.

Video: extract from Farkas Fülöp - 'Mobile in Motion' mock-up
Music: Membran - 'Gyuwa'

Additional Animation in piece:
Balázs Bradák
István Rittgasser
Balázs Sarkadi Nagy

The Endless Bridge

As Part of:
Dumbo Arts Festival
Evenings of Friday, Sept. 24th through Sunday, Sept. 26th
8 p.m.-Midnight

Work shown on the both sides of Manhattan Bridge Anchorage at Front and Adams/Pearl, Jay and Water St. wall and West Elm windows at Front and Main St.

Saturday, September 25th
46 Bridge St. (b/t Water and Plymouth)
9-11 p.m.

Artists Include:
Christine Schulz
Ryan Uzilevsky
John E. Parker
Vadim Schäffler
Farkas Fülöp
Thomas Draschan
Adriana Varella
Paul Rascheja
St. and St.
Claire Scoville
Denis Salivanov
Matl Findel
“The Endless Bridge”

Curators Leo Kuelbs and Adam Nankervis present “The Endless Bridge,” a multiple channel, publicly presented video art event that explores the notion of transition as a permanent state. Works by artists from Germany, Austria, The Ukraine, Hungary, Brazil and The USA will be projected on the Manhattan Bridge, a wall, and a window at sites around the Dumbo Arts Festival.

More information at: leokuelbscollection.com