The Big Ukrainian Adventure

Our front section editor, Imola Kiss about the trip to Kiev: 

„András (business brain behind The Room) and me didn’t feel ready for spring in Budapest so we headed East to catch some more minuses instead. The real reason of course was that we were invited to Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev. Both of us were really curious as we didn’t know what to expect, and boy, was it a pleasant surprise! Everything from the venue to the organizing was great, not to mention their team, which was super dedicated, kind and helpful.
There were quite a number of collections we liked: it seemed that young designers not only have progressive vision and great ideas but they also master the cuts and know their materials. Many of them have an edgy,dark and minimal style with an attention to interesting details. Some favorites were Kamenskayakononova, Poustovit, Bevzan, Litovskaya, Bobkova – they’re seriously worth checking out. Elena Burenina proved to be the biggest punk of them all when she sent the last two models down the runway with the train of the dresses dipped in black and white paint which completely messed up the floor. You’ve got to pay the price of making an impact, I guess.
We didn’t only look at fashion shows though, we also wandered around the city with the small group of international guests. Kiev is full of beautiful old brick buildings and this place must be a world recorder when it comes to houses with the funniest mix&match of balconies.
We also tasted a variety of traditional Ukrainian food: Borscht, Deruny, Varenyky, salads, you name it. The only thing that I didn’t like was the cold wind – other than that, we met cool people, had great conversations, saw inspiring shows, so thanks again for the experience!”
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